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This island in the sun is long regarded as the birthplace of rhum. It soaks in beatiful tropical weather year round which allows for the exquisite flavor of rhum that pours from the bottle. The cool breeze, golden sunshine and crystal clear water help create an enchanting experience for the visitor. Barbados presents a perfect harmony of luxury and unequalled kindess that make it a place like nowhere else in the world.

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Rhum Chef Paul Yellin is the culinary master who has taught us that rum is as important an ingredient in creating exotic dishes as it is in some of the worlds favourite cocktails.

His mission is to create a dynamic blend of culture, cuisine and history (using rhum as a vehicle) - which can be viewed in his book...Infusion - Spirited Cooking with Paul Yellin...

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A quick glance at the book

Mount Gay, 300 years old and still going strong is an immediately recognizable premium brand of Rum. This 300th Anniversary Cookbook offers a delicious medley of original and exciting recipes for every occasion--all, of course, including one vital ingredient! Here's to the next 300 years!

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